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Blitzed Bills: A New Era for the NFL Draft?

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If you were a first-round NFL draft pick, would you care who selected you? And Kyle Williams will never have to buy a beer around us for what he did recently. Plus, Tom Brady is ruining social media and what really matters in the Josh Allen / Patrick Mahomes long throw challenge.

We cover:

  1. If you were a first-round draft pick and had to wear one of those god-awful New Era draft hats, what movie would best represent what you were thinking?
  2. If you saw Kyle Williams at an autograph signing, what would you want him to write on your Buffalo Bills stuff?
  3. Tom Brady is ruining Twitter. Can we get him suspended?
  4. Patrick Mahomes just accepted Josh Allen’s long throw challenge. But what really matters between these two QBs?
  5. Plus, as a bonus we talk with Blitzed Insider Cleveland Kate who tells us which rookie head coach will have the best 2019 season and which one will have the worst.

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