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Q&A: Crowded RB room, o-line shake-up, and Buffalo Bills’ 2019 NFL Draft reaction

The Bills have a really crowded running-back room now, so what are they going to do?

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On this week’s episode, we answer a bunch of questions about how the 2019 NFL Draft reshaped the Buffalo Bills’ roster. We spend a lot of time on running back, the hot-button issue of the weekend. We also dive into the o-line shake-up with the addition of Cody Ford; the new quarterback room with Tyree Jackson; why they didn’t address wide receiver; possibly adding another defensive end; and a whole lot more.

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Featured question(s) of the week

  • How much of a wasted draft pick really was Devin Singletary?
  • How likely is it that LeSean McCoy gets traded?
  • Who will be the real starting running back, backup, and third-string in September?

The Bills needed to get younger, so the selection of Devin Singletary in the third round makes a lot of sense. McCoy and Frank Gore are only under one-year contracts at this point and they are both over 30. That’s not to mention the down year McCoy had in 2018 and the looming legal issues he is still navigating. What better time, then, to have Singletary come in and learn from Gore, a pro’s pro who has been around multiple blocks?

I think the only way Shady is traded is if they find a player-for-player trade worth exploring. Teams aren’t going to want to give up assets to acquire McCoy at this point, so if a team is looking to release a player but instead they call Brandon Beane to see if a mutual swap would be beneficial, the Bills might just outright cut McCoy at some point this offseason.

As for the rotation at running back, right now I’d suspect McCoy gets the first carry so he doesn’t throw a temper tantrum. Gore, Yeldon, Singletary, and McCoy will all be used in a rotation, similar to the approach the New England Patriots have employed in the past. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll comes from that model so it makes sense he would continue it in Buffalo with the play of the running backs.

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