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Q&A mailbag: Patrick DiMarco’s roster spot, Devin Singletary pick, o-line gel

Can the Bills’ o-line gel in time for the regular season?

Will Patrick DiMarco make the Buffalo Bills’ 53-man roster? Plus questions on Devin Singletary, the Bills’ o-line gelling in time for the season, the Pegulas’ short leash, expectations for the offense, and more.

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Featured question of the week

“Will Patrick DiMarco make the final roster or can they cut him?”

The Buffalo Bills only used the fullback, DiMarco, on 15.86% of their plays in 2018. (That’s fewer snaps than Isaiah McKenzie, who was added part-way through the season. Fewer than Robert Foster who was cut and re-signed. Fewer than Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes, who were cut. Fewer than Jason Croom. Even fewer than Marcus Murphy and just a smidge ahead of Jeremiah Sirles.) It stands to reason that with such little impact on offense, DiMarco would be on the chopping block, especially with the numbers at the tight end, wide receiver, and running back.

DiMarco’s saving grace was special teams, and he had the fourth-most snaps in the third phase of the game. But Danny Crossman is out and new special-teams coordinator Heath Farwell may not be as enamored with DiMarco. We just won’t know for a while.

With $1 million of DiMarco’s signing bonus still counting if he’s released, Buffalo wouldn’t save a ton of cap space by releasing him. They wouldn’t have to pay him his $1.6 million in salary, but would only save roughly $1 million in cap space.

The Tyler Kroft injury may force their hand here, but the tight ends can fill in as H-backs, Buffalo could bring in an extra linemen, or even ask Ed Oliver to lead block like they used Kyle Williams occasionally. There are options if they want to free up the roster spot.

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