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Breaking Buffalo Rumblings: The Josh Allen hype train is real

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It is early in the OTAs, but Bills fans can be optimistic about Josh Allen

As the Buffalo Bills conclude the second week of OTAs, much of the focus from fans and media members has been on second-year quarterback Josh Allen. By all accounts, Allen has looked impressive during the team activities, which is the main conversation during this week’s edition of Breaking Buffalo Rumblings.

Many fans find themselves excited by Allen’s early performance, anxious to hear that the quarterback is taking the next step towards becoming a franchise quarterback. Others understandably do not share that same optimism, noting that it’s still the month of May and the regular season is in the distant future. This episode takes a closer look at the fan sentiment surrounding Allen, along with other highlights and updates from the second week of OTAs.

Featured Article of the Week

Joe B: 7 Observations from Buffalo Bills OTAs - Week 2 - WKBW

With Tuesday’s OTA session being open to the local media, Joe Buscaglia of WKBW’s latest update is referred to often in this week’s episode. In addition to Allen, the conversation also focused on Dawson Knox, Ed Oliver, Devin Singletary, and Cody Ford.