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Q&A: Bills’ soapbox edition on new stadium, jersey selections, developing young talent

Matt stands on the soapbox for these answers.

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This week, Matt gets on his soapbox to discuss some Buffalo Bills topics including which current player jersey is the safest bet to purchase, what to do about a new stadium, when could we see the benching of Josh Allen, is the team developing young talent, and much more.

Featured question of the week

“Are you excited about the 2019 Buffalo Bills?”

Over the 4th of July holiday and at countless barbecues this summer, folks have been asking whether or not they should be excited about the Bills heading into the season. I, for one, think the team will be compelling. They will be fun to watch. So I guess it depends on the nature of the question.

I’m not predicting a playoff run in 2019 nor that the offense will take some massive step together as a brand new entity. That’s going too far out on the limb as far as I’m concerned.

So I have to judge based on how the question is asked. Are folks implying “Are you excited that the Bills are going to make the playoffs in 2019?” or are they legitimately asking if I’m excited about the team.

Much more to my answer in the embedded podcast:

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