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Q&A: Josh Allen’s next step, paying for the Bills’ new stadium

This week’s episode has a look at the sophomore’s next move in his first full offseason.

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We discuss the continuity Josh Allen received in 2019 compared to his drafted counterparts, if New York State should pay for the Buffalo Bills’ stadium, expectations for Robert Foster in Year 2, and whether or not the Bills and NFL are doing enough for player safety.

Featured question of the week

“What do you think Josh Allen will do in 2019?”

To me, this question comes back to the offensive coordinator position. Brian Daboll remains with Allen for his first full offseason and the two of them can enter Year 2 together. That’s more than any other 2018 rookie quarterback can say. Baker Mayfield’s coordinator was promoted to head coach, Sam Darnold has a completely new coaching staff, Josh Rosen is in a completely new franchise, and Lamar Jackson is dealing with the replacement of his play caller. The continuity of Daboll and Allen can lead to significant improvement from his rookie season to his sophomore season.

Is it guaranteed to happen? Certainly not. But at least it gives the sometimes erratic Allen a measure of familiarity not shared by his classmates.

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