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Nick & Nolan: Josh Allen in the QB tiers

Where does the second-year quarterback fit?

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Nick & Nolan go through how to best categorize and think about quarterbacks around the NFL. When are we going to know how good is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen? Bruce shares what his biggest fear is that we see from Allen, which will suggest he’s not “the guy.” Nick rants about being a fan wanting to see wins and the struggle of knowing what to want when the quarterback seems to be good enough for now but not for the future. Bruce ranks the quarterbacks of the past as well, including Jim Kelly and Dan Marino... perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

Methodology is important. HOW do you decide how to rank quarterback stats with what you believe the quarterback’s function to be on a team. Are wins a quarterback stat? Foundational principles lead to better processes. Let’s go through ours with you.

Come for the knowledge, stay for the soundbites. #bills #gobills #billsmafia #buffalobills

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