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Mario Williams making big plays for Buffalo Bills

Sacking quarterbacks at a previously unseen rate, Mario Williams is off to the best start in his eight-year career - but his impact extends beyond statistics.

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams is in his eighth NFL season, and he's well on his way to not only his best statistical season, but perhaps one of the most productive seasons from a pass rusher that we've seen in Buffalo - or maybe even in the NFL - in quite some time.

Through seven games, Williams has accumulated 10 sacks. That's good for third in the league at present (which says something about how productive pass rushers have been so far this season), and it also gives Williams the fourth double-digit sack season of his career less than halfway through the year. No Bills pass rusher has sacked quarterbacks at this pace - not even Bruce Smith in his 19-sack season (he had eight at this point) or Bryce Paup in his best season (seven after seven) - and if the Bills were a bit better than 3-4 and in the defensive standings, you'd see Williams touted as a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

We all know, as well, that Williams' impact exceeds what you see in the box score, as impressive as that has been this season. In the All-22 gallery above, we take a look not just at some of the ways Williams has been utilized or the way he's beaten blockers en route to 10 sacks, but how he has enabled his teammates to make big plays through the early portion of the season, as well.