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Buffalo Bills running game issues: an All-22 look

The Buffalo Bills ran for just 68 yards on 38 carries in their 37-14 win over the New York Jets in Week 11. What went wrong for the Bills? Well, just about everything.

If the Buffalo Bills want to make good on the idea that their 37-14 win over the New York Jets in Week 11 was a season-changer, and legitimately make a push for a wild card playoff berth down the home stretch, then they have a ton of work to do in fixing their ailing running game.

The Bills have been held under 100 rushing yards as a team in four of their last five games, with Sunday's 38-carry, 68-yard output a season-worst performance. Sure, the Jets have the NFL's best run defense by a country mile, but there is plenty that the Bills can clean up, as well.

In the All-22 gallery above, you'll pretty much see it all: bad running back play, missed assignments, horrible blocks and, yes, even a good play or two that could have ultimately yielded more. Long story short: Buffalo's running game looked very out of sorts against the Jets, and if they don't want to force EJ Manuel to carry the team to a potential post-season spot by himself, they're going to have to fix this up quickly.