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Mixed reports on the Buffalo Bills' interest in Darrelle Revis

Either the Buffalo Bills are trying to reunite Darrelle Revis with Rex Ryan, or they aren't. It's probably one of them, though.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

As far back as before the Super Bowl, ESPN's Adam Schefter was reporting that if he hit free agency, cornerback Darrelle Revis would draw interest from Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. He reported the same thing on Tuesday, after the free agent signing period officially began.

The link is an obvious one: Ryan coached Revis from 2009-12, during which time Revis established himself as the best cornerback in football while being named a first-team All Pro three times. Revis has since spent time with Tampa Bay and then New England, where he just won a world championship (and could very well return).

Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News, however, is reporting the exact opposite as Schefter on the Bills' interest in Revis (or, from Carucci's angle, lack thereof).

We'll leave it up to the reader to pick a side in the matter, but without much in the way of cap space and a massive effort to sign tight end Charles Clay underway, it's hard to imagine how the Bills would be able to even fit Revis into their cap without serious work with other players. Still, it's fun to think about, isn't it?