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Marcus Easley, Buffalo Bills talking contract as Jaguars, others bid, per report

What's the latest on the Bills and Marcus Easley? There's not much to hear, but the two sides are reportedly still talking as other teams make offers.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

One Buffalo Bills free agent of note that we're not seeing a lot of information about is special teams ace Marcus Easley. Really, the only reporter that has been working on that angle is Jeff Russo of WKBW, who gave the following update on Tuesday afternoon, before free agency had even begun.

Russo had previously shared that at least three other teams - one of them the Jacksonville Jaguars - had been in on the Easley bidding.

The Bills currently have their attention focused on out-maneuvering Miami for tight end Charles Clay, while hosting the likes of Percy Harvin, Jerome Felton, and Tyrod Taylor on free agent visits (you can catch up on everything here). But Easley should be a top priority for them, as well; here's to hoping that their ongoing talks with their best special teams player are proof that, as both sides have said in recent weeks, that they'd like to get a deal done.