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Bryan Bulaga might have a free agent suitor in the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have an offensive line to fix, and they might look to Green Bay's Bryan Bulaga in free agency toward that end.

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

If you're inclined to buy what Tim Graham of The Buffalo News sells on Twitter, then you might believe that the Buffalo Bills are pursuing Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga in free agency.

Bulaga, who will turn 26 later this month, is one of the hottest names on the free agent market as arguably the top tackle available. As such, the Bills would hardly be alone in pursuing Bulaga; in fact, multiple reports already indicate that Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, and Washington are all interested. That'll increase Bulaga's chances of earning the $8 million per year that he's seeking.

A 2010 first-round pick out of Iowa, Bulaga has been a starter in Green Bay nearly from the outset, but has also had some trouble staying on the field. A hip injury cost him nearly half of the 2012 campaign, and then a torn ACL early in 2013 training camp cost him that entire season, as well. In his five seasons, Bulaga has started 48 games, nearly exclusively at right tackle.

Still, he's a quality player - Pro Football Focus had him rated No. 16 among offensive tackles in 2014, and No. 9 as a pass protector - and at a position where the Bills have a fairly urgent need to upgrade over incumbent starter Seantrel Henderson. The 6'5", 315-pound veteran could also conceivably shift inside to guard - that versatility makes him an attractive free agent, as well - but for most squads willing to pay what he's looking for, he'll probably end up a tackle somewhere.