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2016 NFL Draft rumors: Buffalo Bills have called about No. 2 overall pick

Would they really trade all the way up to No. 2 overall, though?

There's a rumor making the rounds right now that the Buffalo Bills have inquired with the Cleveland Browns as to the cost of moving up to No. 2 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft.

We're calling it a rumor because it comes from the same reporter that says that the Denver Broncos called the Bills to gauge their interest in trading starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor. These types of "reports" are predominant in the offseason, and are tantalizing for two reasons: they're fun to think about, and they're difficult to both deny and corroborate. Most times - especially in the weeks leading up to the draft - teams are only too happy to leave the door open on the possibility that the report is true, as these types of rumors can lead to competitive advantages.

That might explain why Bills general manager Doug Whaley, in a Wednesday morning appearance on WGR 550's The Howard Simon Show, was only too happy to leave that door open when asked about the No. 2 overall pick rumor.

Never mind the fact that Whaley has proven his willingness to (overpay? to) move up five spots, not 17: this rumor feeds into the team's Kevin Garnett-esque "anything is possible" mantra. (As a side note, his interviews this time of year would be far more entertaining if he just played that clip any time he's asked about what the team might do in the draft.)

If you hadn't heard about the Bills-thinking-about-trading-up-way-high rumor, now you know it exists. Next up on our to-do list with the draft just over a week away: seeing if the next rumor is even crazier than this one sounds.

Update: Not long after this post was published, Whaley spoke with Bills beat reporters at the team's annual draft luncheon. There, he denied both reports - unless you want to work really hard to circumvent his words to claim he's lying through his teeth, I suppose.