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Buffalo Bills Pre-Training Camp Mailbag

The Rumblings digital mailbag has been opened. Your Bills questions are answered below.

Mailbag: most impressive Bills play of 2015?

Also on tap: sign one free agent; choose whether or not to fire Whaley and Ryan; kickoff specialists; and difficult questions to answer.

Draft mailbag: Paxton Lynch and safety prospects

A second mailbag post focusing on the Bills and the draft? You bet.

Mailbag: plans at No. 2 WR, The Ralph

In which we take a stab at figuring out the team's long-term stadium plans and No. 2 wideout plans

Spill the beans: your 2016 NFL Draft man crushes

You know you have some favorite NFL Draft prospects; it's time to spill the beans

Mailbag time! On RGIII in Buffalo, and much more

In the just-now-resuscitated Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag, we answer questions about RGIII's fit with the Bills, the futures of three different Williamses, and more.

Mailbag: discussing depth

It's not hard to tell that Bills training camp is back, given that most of this week's mailbag questions dove pretty deep into the team's depth chart.

Mailbag: Roman's offense, sleepers, and uniforms

With less than one week remaining before 2015 Bills training camp begins, here are the topics that were on the minds of the team's fans as the new season begins.

Mailbag: shaping up the RB position

Topics covered in this week's Bills mailbag post include the shape of the running back position behind LeSean McCoy, the identity of the seventh starter in the Bills' vaunted front seven, and the legitimacy of the hype surrounding Tyrod Taylor.

Mailbag: draft questions & offseason favorites

The 2015 NFL Draft is now commanding the attention of Buffalo Bills fans, as evidenced by the theme of this week's submissions to the Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag.

Mailbag: re-signing cornerstone players

You have questions about the Buffalo Bills. We have opinions that we're disguising as answers. It's mailbag time! On the docket this week: player contracts, defensive schemes, and offensive touches.

Mailbag: on Spikes, Duke Williams, & much more

You have questions about the Buffalo Bills, and we have answers that you hopefully won't use against us maliciously if you happen to disagree with us. It's mailbag time!

The return of the BR Mailbag

Our weekly Mailbag feature is back! Questions this week focus on Seantrel Henderson, C.J. Spiller, Marcus Easley, and Kiko Alonso.

Mailbag: let's talk prototypes

Is the Bills' right guard job really up for grabs? What would Nate Hackett's offense look like, personnel wise, if he could hand-pick the players for it? And could the Bills actually be better at linebacker without Kiko Alonso?

Mailbag: a week of clairvoyance

You can't convince me that Buffalo Rumblings readers didn't subconsciously sense the Kiko Alonso news coming this week, given the questions sent in for our weekly mailbag feature.

Mailbag: the Da'Norris Searcy starting scenario

Da'Norris Searcy may end up being a starting safety for the Buffalo Bills in 2014, but they might feel the need to have a complementary, pseudo-starter at that position in the event that nobody can beat him outright for the starting gig.

Mailbag: Leodis McKelvin's 2014 prospects & more

Topics of discussion in this week's Bills mailbag include Leodis McKelvin's prospects in 2014 and beyond, why Jerry Hughes is projected as a starter over Manny Lawson, and how Chris Gragg factors into the tight end race.

Mailbag: Freddy's future

Fred Jackson is entering a contract year at age 33. Would the Bills still want to move on from him if he's still productive at 34, or would they bring him back in 2015?

Mailbag: D takes center stage

Are the Buffalo Bills' linebackers elite? And exactly how much change should we expect between Mike Pettine and Jim Schwartz? Defense takes center stage in this week's Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag.

Mailbag: a bigger-picture Spiller issue

The argument for getting C.J. Spiller more involved - and better involved - is starting to have a "chicken or egg" feel to it. That and more in this week's mailbag.

Mailbag: Manny & Kiko in the 4-3

The Bills are switching to a new defensive scheme (again) this year. What will that mean for Manny Lawson and Kiko Alonso? That and more in this week's Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag.

Mailbag: Bills draft trade scenarios

How high is too high - or, alternately, how low is too low - if the Buffalo Bills plan to trade out of the No. 9 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft?

Mailbag: position switches, smokescreens & more

This week's Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag topics include position switches for Pro Bowlers, pre-draft visitor smokescreens and tough decisions between imperfect draft prospects.

Mailbag: front office aggressiveness

On the docket in this week's mailbag: more on the Mike Williams trade, the aggressiveness of the front office, and some thoughts on fourth-year tackle Chris Hairston.

Mailbag: Stevie's future and sleeper draft needs

Would the Buffalo Bills really consider parting ways with Stevie Johnson if they address their receiver position in a significant way this offseason?

The most important Bills question ever asked

This week's Buffalo Bills mailbag covers free agency, but that's just an appetizer for the most important question ever asked about the Bills.

Mailbag: more on Byrd, RBs, and the offseason

Topics on the minds of Buffalo Rumblings readers this week include Jairus Byrd, the future of the running back position, the team's expected involvement in free agency, and how NFL bloodlines factor into the scouting equation.

Mailbag: Nigel Bradham's role & more

This week's Bills mailbag is a light one, and it features two central figures: offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and third-year linebacker Nigel Bradham.

Mailbag: Greer, Pryor and Toronto on tap

In this week's Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag post, we discuss the Toronto Series and whether or not it will continue, the potential of pursuing free agent cornerback Jabari Greer, and a NFL Draft prospect that should be on the radar for Bills fans.

Mailbag: is Stevie overpaid?

In this week's Bills mailbag, we discuss Stevie Johnson's contract, the outlook for Kiko Alonso in a new defense, and what type of tight end Buffalo needs.

Mailbag: line shuffling and the Wide 9

In this week's Buffalo Bills mailbag post, we discuss team needs, the future of Erik Pears, the appeal of Brandon Spikes as a free agent, and the potential deployment of the Wide 9 in Buffalo.

Mailbag: safeties, salaries & specialists

In this week's Buffalo Bills mailbag, we take a look at the potential cap ramifications of a new contract for Jairus Byrd - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Mailbag: offseason CBA limitations in focus

In this week's Buffalo Bills mailbag, fans wonder if there are outside candidates to potentially replace Mike Pettine, and about how much contact that Buffalo's coaching staff can have with their players this offseason.

Mailbag: how much was Levitre missed?

Buffalo Bills fans have a lot on their mind this week, starting with a way to quantify just how much the team missed former starting left guard Andy Levitre in 2013.

Mailbag: dark horse early-round draft needs

The 2014 NFL Draft is on the minds of Buffalo Bills fans already - and we're already digging the topic of potential dark horse positional needs sneaking into the Round 1 or Round 2 discussion.

Mailbag: surprises and disappointments

In this week's mailbag, we discuss the Bills' biggest surprises and disappointments, and dive into the team's situations at tight end, left guard and on the defensive line.


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