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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast No. 13: beat the Chefs

It's been a weird season so far for the Buffalo Bills, and that trend may continue if they can pull off an upset of the lone remaining unbeaten team in the NFL on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Rick Stewart

If you haven't cottoned onto how weird a season this has been for the Buffalo Bills yet, chew on this: they're 3-5, within a game and a half of the final AFC playoff spot at present, trying to win with their backup quarterback, are coming off of a 35-17 thumping by New Orleans, and we are still talking about them having a legitimate chance at beating the only remaining undefeated team in the league at home in Week 9.

In the latest episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, Brendan Harrington, Matt Warren and I spend some time tipping our caps to Drew Brees for his annihilation of Buffalo's secondary on Sunday, run through another round of guess the line and torture trivia, and yes - we spend a lot of time pondering the possibility of an upset win over Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

Our latest show is embedded below if you're into streaming it right here at Buffalo Rumblings. If you podcast elsewhere, it's also available in iTunes, through our dedicated RSS feed (for alternate subscription methods) and via direct download. For archived shows, you can either subscribe through one of the links above and download those that way, or simply check out our dedicated podcast hub. Thanks for listening - and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Go Bills!