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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast No. 15: brain shutdown

You've been waiting with eager anticipation; wait no longer! The latest episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast is here.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime in the second half of the Buffalo Bills' 23-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, each Bills fan experienced that moment when your brain stopped recording the events of the game, and you began summarizing all of the things you dislike about this team and franchise for the post-game discussions. You've got company this week: our recording equipment in BR Podcast headquarters in Brighton also stopped recording after halftime, leaving Brendan, Matt and I to hastily recap the second half in a far less interesting, far faster manner.

Hey, by the way: does anyone still think the Bills can beat the Jets in Week 11?

Our latest show is embedded below if you're into streaming it right here at Buffalo Rumblings. If you podcast elsewhere, it's also available in iTunes, through our dedicated RSS feed (for alternate subscription methods) and via direct download. For archived shows, you can either subscribe through one of the links above and download those that way, or simply check out our dedicated podcast hub. Thanks for listening - and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Go Extreme Bills.