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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast No. 14: your worst nightmare, butthorn

Ralph Wiggum. Gary Busey. Benny Hill. These were the characters that the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast guys were thinking of as Sean Smith ran 100 yards for a game-altering touchdown in the Bills' 23-13 loss to the Chiefs. (We preview Sunday's game against the Steelers, too, don't worry.)

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Inspired by a Buffalo Rumblings reader that likened his reaction to the Jeff Tuel pick-six from the Bills' loss to the Chiefs to the famous Chevy Chase meltdown scene from Christmas Vacation, Brendan Harrington decided to lead off this week's Buffalo Rumblings Podcast with our own motion picture-themed reactions to that play.

Brendan immediately sympathized with Ralph Wiggum's heartbreak from The Simpsons; Matt, the music teacher, landed on the Benny Hill theme; and I, the oddball of the group, thought first of an obscure 1988 Gary Busey film called Bulletproof. (Sorry about all the bleeps at the beginning of the show, y'all - but they're necessary when describing something that involves Mr. Busey and Danny Trejo, no?)

(If you care about such things, there is one NSFW word within the nine seconds of pure awesome below. This video, like Mr. Busey himself, never gets old.)

Whatever your reaction to that pivotal moment from Sunday's loss (and we're game for perusing your own submissions on this theme for the next few days), take solace in this: because we're two days late recording the podcast this week, we quickly put a bow on the Chiefs loss with the express purpose of looking forward to Sunday's road date with the Pittsburgh Steelers, which will likely feature the return of EJ Manuel to the starting lineup. That can only mean good things for the Bills as they try to get back into the win column... right?

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