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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast No. 3: training camp primer

As a primer for Buffalo Bills training camp, the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast crew talked through the team's depth chart, identifying key battles and major story lines along the way. Give it a listen, won't you?


Buffalo Bills training camp is right around the corner, and Brendan Harrington, Matt Warren and I couldn't wait to start talking about it. Hence, the next episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, which is now available for your listening pleasure.

Last night, the three of us sat down for the express purpose of talking our way through the Bills depth chart. We touched on the big story lines and key battles at every position - well, save for fullback and the specialists; apologies to those six Bills players for what we're sure is a soul-crushing lack of recognition - in an effort to set the table for the start of camp this coming Sunday. Just think: when we sit down to record the next podcast in a week, the Bills will be in Pittsford and we'll have real, legitimate football news to ponder!

The podcast, as always, is embedded below for your listening pleasure. If you podcast elsewhere, it's also available in iTunes, through our dedicated RSS feed (for alternate subscription methods) and via direct download. For archived shows, you can either subscribe through one of the links above and download those that way, or simply check out our dedicated podcast hub.

From this point forward, the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast will be a weekly affair. There will be some late-summer vacations amongst the three of us to dance around - and we may take a week or two off as a result - but for the most part, Brendan, Matt and I will be convening on Monday evenings from this point forward to talk Bills. As we progress into the season, we'll begin working the community into the show as well. Stay tuned on that front; for now, enjoy this training camp primer, and as always, feedback is welcome.