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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast No. 8: overcoming adversity in Bills-Panthers

The Buffalo Bills overcame a good deal of adversity to beat the Carolina Panthers, and the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast followed suit in recapping the first win of the Doug Marrone and EJ Manuel era.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

"We have a problem, you guys. [Expletive.]"

Those were the words coming out of Brendan Harrington's mouth last night after he, Matt Warren and I had wrapped up recording the latest episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast. The approximately 40-minute show had abruptly stopped recording at about the 25-minute mark, and we were faced with the task of re-recording the final portions of the show again. Things looked bleak, even as we were rehashing happy Bills topics, unlike last week's deja vu moment.

That moment was not unlike a second-half stretch for the Buffalo Bills, who turned the ball over twice and found themselves trailing the Carolina Panthers by six points with less than two minutes remaining. Like the Bills, who drove 80 yards for a game-winning touchdown to emerge victorious, 24-23, we were able to regain our momentum after our own stumble to finish the show out strong.

(But yeah, if you notice a spot in the middle of the show where the three of us are suddenly punchy and far less energetic... well, final editing can only do so much to cover up the frustration of a re-recording, and we aren't exactly Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Jesse Plemons over here.) Give props to Matt, whose crack on Brendan - like any of the Bills/Panthers turning point moments we discuss in the show - got us over the hump. He's a team player.

Our latest show is embedded below if you're into streaming it right here at Buffalo Rumblings. If you podcast elsewhere, it's also available in iTunes, through our dedicated RSS feed (for alternate subscription methods) and via direct download. For archived shows, you can either subscribe through one of the links above and download those that way, or simply check out our dedicated podcast hub.

Thanks for listening - and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Go Bills!