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Doug Marrone Buffalo Bills approval poll: October 2013

Halfway through his first season as head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Doug Marrone has his team sitting at 3-5. Do you approve of his efforts thus far?

Wesley Hitt

After the Buffalo Bills' first four games of the 2013 season, the team was 2-2 and had just beaten the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens at home. On September 30, new head coach Doug Marrone pulled in an 86 percent approval rating for his team's efforts through the first quarter of the season.

Now, the Bills are at the halfway point of the 2013 season, the team is 3-5 overall, and they've just lost a fairly ugly contest to a New Orleans Saints team that many consider legitimate Super Bowl title contenders this season. They have played their last three games without Marrone's hand-picked quarterback, are 1-3 since the last approval poll, and are still hovering somewhere between "not bad" and "maybe pretty good" as a football team.

You don't need us to tell you your opinions on Marrone, his coaching staff and the performance of the team in a trying start to the 2013 season; they're already formulated. The question, then, is a simple one: do you approve of Marrone's work to this point, do you outright disapprove of it, or do you land somewhere in between?