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Doug Marrone Buffalo Bills approval poll: December 2013

Doug Marrone has the Bills at 4-8 with one month remaining in his first year as Bills head coach. Where do you land in our latest Marrone approval poll?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

After the first four games of Doug Marrone's tenure as Buffalo Bills head coach, the team was 2-2, had registered wins against Carolina and Baltimore, and Bills fans overwhelmingly approved of Marrone's coaching efforts. Then the injury bug bit, particularly at the quarterback position, so even though the Bills fell to 3-5 at the midway point of the season, Marrone's approval rating here remained static.

Now, the Bills are coming off of their second four-game stretch in which they went 1-3 of the season, and you don't need us to remind you that their most recent loss, to Atlanta, was perhaps their most gut-wrenching and frustrating loss of the season. The Bills are 4-8, their playoff hopes are essentially dead, and Marrone has been relegated to talking about building foundations and learning how to win close games.

Is this the month that Marrone's approval rating finally takes a dip after two straight polls of high-80 percent approval? Probably. How are you feeling about the program Marrone is operating at the moment?