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Doug Marrone Buffalo Bills approval poll: May 2013

Doug Marrone hasn't had a full-team practice yet, but he's been involved in some major roster decisions this off-season. How's he doing so far?


The last time we ran a Doug Marrone approval poll here at Buffalo Rumblings, it was early February, he'd just put the finishing touches on his coaching staff, and the team had barely started making major decisions on its roster. It's tough to see an opinion change on a coach when games aren't being played, so consider this latest approval poll a check on Bills fans' state of mind when it comes to the new head coach.

Here are a few Marrone-centric stories from the past few months:

  • As much as Buddy Nix and the scouting department liked E.J. Manuel, it's important to remember that Marrone liked Manuel just as much. It's fair to say that this is Marrone's quarterback of choice as it is Nix's.
  • Was very likely a driving factor behind the decision to sign free agent Kevin Kolb, telling reporters that it was "very important" to have two veteran quarterbacks on the roster - even as they were clearly targeting a quarterback in Round 1.
  • Marrone is under a lot of pressure to get production out of young players in his first season, particularly this year's crop of rookies and previous Nix draft picks that have not yet quite panned out.
  • He's remained intentionally vague about his plans offensively and defensively, but two themes are emerging: speed and tempo on offense, versatility and aggression on defense.

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