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Doug Marrone Buffalo Bills approval poll: September 2013

It's been nearly six months since we've asked Buffalo Bills fans for their state of approval on head coach Doug Marrone. How are you feeling about his program four games into his tenure?

Rick Stewart

It has been a very long time, indeed, since we have run a Doug Marrone approval poll here at Buffalo Rumblings. That was by design.

Back in May, Marrone was pulling an 81 percent approval rating from our readers based largely on nothing. He'd only coached a few mini-camp sessions at that point, and was as involved as most head coaches are in acquiring talent during the off-season. That 81 percent approval rating, when you get right down to it, had much more to do with EJ Manuel and Mike Pettine than it did Marrone.

So we waited. We waited through training camp, through the over-analytical nature of the meaningless preseason, and through the first quarter of Marrone's debut season as Buffalo Bills head coach. Now, with the Bills sitting at 2-2, we have a pretty good feel for the program that Marrone and the new regime at One Bills Drive are trying to build.

You don't need us to tell you your opinions on Marrone, his coaching staff and the performance of the team in a trying start to the 2013 season; they're already formulated. The question, then, is a simple one: do you approve of Marrone's work to this point, do you outright disapprove of it, or do you land somewhere in between?