Josh Allen on Turkey Burgers


"We got TBT after this--Turkey Burger Time. They got the best turkey burgers here. I put a little jalapeños on them. That's the main reason I like coming here. But again, the camaraderie that you get to build." -Josh Allen

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Sean McDermott plans to spy on Mike Vrabel during golf tourney


"I’ll have my tape recorder going the whole time. He won’t know. It’ll just be in my golf bag. I’ll just ask him some general questions and make sure I’m getting that on record. (Things) that I can use when we play again."

Bills head coach Sean McDermott speaking about his playing partner, Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel, from the American Century Championship via

Hauschka on kicking in a stadium with no people


"I don’t think people have really focused on what it’ll be like for players to play without fans in the stands, if that’s what happens. You’re so used to playing in front of fans. It pumps you up, fills you with adrenalin. To play in front of nobody would be so bizarre. Mentally preparing to kick in a stadium with no fans will just be so different."

Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka to NBC Sports witersPeter King in FMIA

Houston OT Joshua Jones discusses facing Ed Oliver in practice


"When he first came in to U of H, I’m thinking he’s just another guy, he gotta put on his pants the same way we do. But it was the second day of pads and he’s lined up at nose. They got him at second team, running with the twos. Dude sits there, lifts up our center, tosses him out the way and hits the running back in the backfield. His helmet pops off, the ball flies in the air. I’m like ‘all right, okay, you can go.’"

Former Houston Cougars OT Joshua Jones from the NFL Combine, via Acme Packing Company

Unnamed NFL exec thinks Sean McDermott is doing the most with the least


"Sean McDermott. Off the top of your head, name five starters for Buffalo. (You can’t!)"

An unnamed NFL exec to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, when asked which coach is doing the most with the least.

Gil Brandt has Bills as a team "weaker than their record" shows


Only five teams -- the 8-0 49ers, 8-1 Patriots, 7-1 Saints, 7-2 Packers and 7-2 Seahawks -- have a better record than the Bills, but it's hard to mention this group in the same breath as them, because Buffalo's schedule to date has proven so soft.

Gil Brandt,

Lee Smith is pretty happy with the Bills' performance


"My wife’s about the only one that can make me feel better than that. That’s just the facts."

Bills tight end Lee Smith, via The Athletic

Bills led league in 21 personnel Week 1


The Bills went from 21 personnel (two backs) on 40% of their offensive snaps. These passes were short, but successful, averaging only 5.7 YPA but posting a 65% success rate. And they ran for a 60% success rate and 5.4 YPC from 21.

Warren Sharp on the Bills using 2 running backs and 1 TE more than any other team in the league Week 1

Sunday was worst Vegas 17-point spread blowout in 40+ years


"No NFL team that was supposed to get rag-dolled has won so decisively — a 38-point Las Vegas misfire — over the four decades tracks points spreads."

Per Tim Graham's research at The Athletic. More weird stats in the article. (Subscription required.)

Philip Rivers toyed with Tremaine Edmunds Sunday


Quarterback Philip Rivers was toying with Edmunds as the middle linebacker still hasn't found his sea legs in coverage just yet. Rivers would give a quick glance to one side, get Edmunds to either move with him or freeze in his current spot, to which the quarterback either hit an underneath target over the middle perfectly in stride or put it over Edmunds' head with a zone-beating throw. Edmunds won't see that level of mind manipulation in the quarterbacks they see every week, but Rivers is next-level from a mental perspective, and he was toying with Edmunds. The Chargers game is a definite teaching moment for Edmunds, who is still trying to get to the point where he isn't in his head and just reacting instinctively and confidently. He isn't there just yet.

Jow Buscaglia,