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Buffalo Rumblings METATHREAD: February 10, 2014

Our weekly post about all things Buffalo Rumblings is back with a breakdown of our new streamlined editorial sections.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

After receiving sporadic emails for months about the disappearance of our weekly post dedicated solely to the Buffalo Rumblings community, rather than the team we talk about every day, METATHREAD is back today by popular demand.

What exactly is METATHREAD, you ask? Simple: it's a meta post, talking about something specific to Buffalo Rumblings, with a comments section (i.e. thread) for people to discuss the community and the topic of the week without that creeping into our typical Buffalo Bills coverage and discussions. It's also a way for us to make announcements or solicit feedback about the site; in our return post, the former is on tap this week.

Recently, we've been working to streamline our editorial direction, and that has led to a reorganization of some of the sections we use on the site. To avoid confusion and highlight the utility of our sections, here's a rundown of the tweaks we've made.

News: Obviously, this is where all posts delivering hard Bills news will live.

Notes: This is a new section that will house Web Rumblings, our daily links post, as well as any other noteworthy Bills items that we don't consider hard news.

Analysis: Our All-22 posts, and some new types of features coming down the pipe, will aggregate here.

Opinion: This is also a newish endeavor; we know you're craving hot sports takes, and we'll have a few measured ones to toss in here.

Discussion: We have a lot of posts that are discussion-starters where we simply ask the community a question and let y'all do your thing. Approval polls will show up here, as well.

Rumors: Our goal is not to become rumor-mongers, so don't expect anything crazy here. That said, we'll address some unconfirmed things as they present themselves.

Podcast: Posts that include downloadable episodes of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast.

Videos: We'll occasionally have videos produced by to post, and MRW's Google Hangout series, which is now called Buffalo Rumblings Live, will live here.

Meta: You're in that section now, reading METATHREAD.

We'll also have more specific sections set up for topics like the 2014 NFL Draft and the Hall of Fame festivities set for later this year, but the sections you see above are the proverbial meat and potatoes of what we'll be doing here moving forward.

One other note: since this reorganization is new, and since none of us are paid anywhere near enough to go back through seven years' worth of posts to sort everything the way we intend to from this point forward, only posts starting in February have been retroactively filed appropriately. As such, some things posted in January and in previous years may look slightly out of place right now; rest assured that the sections will look much more sensible in a month or two, after they're filled out better.

With that, the floor is now yours to provide feedback on our sections, or to ask any questions of us related to Buffalo Rumblings.