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2014 Buffalo Bills season coverage at Buffalo Rumblings: a primer

Buffalo Rumblings is bigger than ever heading into the Buffalo Bills' 2014 season, so we're making a few tweaks to our editorial staff to better accommodate our large and awesome audience.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, the 2014 Buffalo Bills season will be the eighth that we have covered here at Buffalo Rumblings. Our journey as a community started during Dick Jauron's second season as Bills head coach, and it continues this summer for Doug Marrone's second season on the job. Hopefully, the Bills will end not only their own playoff drought, but ours as well. We would so very much love to cover postseason football here - but you don't need us to tell you that, do you?

Naturally, our community has grown quite a bit in those eight years. Back in the fall of 2007, we were happy with scraping together a few hundred visits per day, and any time we broke into four figures was a banner day for the site. Today, we are approaching 12,000 registered members, and during peak points on the football calendar, we're hosting several hundred readers at any given moment and hundreds of thousands of page views per day. Y'all are great, and are one of the biggest reasons that we continue to soldier on.

In order to optimize our coverage for the 2014 season, and to meet the demands of a continually growing audience, we're announcing a few tweaks to our editorial staff. Many of you have already noticed some of the changes in effect, and there are several more in the pipeline that we're happy to talk about today. This is your writing staff for the 2014 season at Buffalo Rumblings.

Brian Galliford, Editor-in-Chief

My role isn't changing at all, really: I'm still the final set of eyes for every piece of content that goes live on the site, I'll still be writing up the bulk of the site's content, and I'm the manager for every aspect of the community, including site moderation. The only change that some of you have already noticed, at least for now, is that I'll be handling Web Rumblings, our daily links post that Matt has handled for several years.

Matt Warren, Senior Editor, Video & Social Media

Matt's role, however, is changing rather dramatically. He remains the No. 2 man here, but instead of focusing on link posts and articles, he is now in charge of all of the site's social media accounts (FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram, and Google+). He will also be working diligently to expand Buffalo Rumblings Live, which during the season will be a weekly live show with guests, game breakdowns and previews, and fan interaction. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do with both of his new responsibilities, but Live in particular. This is a major step up in responsibility for MRW, and it's long overdue. Congratulate him, if you would be so kind.

Dan Lavoie, Deputy Editor

Yes, you probably know Dan better as DanRoc, but now that he's on the editorial team, he's Mr. Lavoie to you. Dan is our new deputy editor, making him the third in command. He'll start learning the inner workings of the site to serve as an apprentice of sorts for the site; let's consider him the Gendry of Buffalo Rumblings, then. (Which is weird, because he even kind of looks like Gendry.) He will also provide a major boost to our coverage in the offseason, when he'll be focusing primarily on writing about the NFL Draft.

Brendan Harrington, Producer, Buffalo Rumblings Podcast
Jon Ramsey, Features (Analysis)
Michael Purinton, Features (Analysis)
Kent Dickerson, Features (Community)

Brendan returns as the host of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, which has been on hiatus for a few months now, but will be returning prior to the regular season. We're still sorting through the details, so that's all I can share for now. Brendan is a great guy, and I'm very much looking forward to talking with him on the show again this fall.

Michael has been contributing articles to the site - as well as Buffalo Wins - for several months now, and his writing adds a well-thought-out level of analysis to our discussions. I'm very pleased that he's sticking around for another year, and the same is true of Jon Ramsey, who will be providing a weekly All-22 review article during the season, as well. Finally, Kent will continue trucking on with his popular Morning Joe! series, which over the last several months have sparked some of our more thought-provoking discussions. Kent will be focusing some of his efforts on doing more community-building posts, as well, so get ready to learn a lot more about my embarrassing-slash-awesome video game habits.

That's our editorial staff for this season, but remember: Matt, Dan, and Kent all got their start right here in our FanPost section. I consider that part of the site a major piece of our coverage of the team, and as such, I'm going to make a more concerted effort to promote the work y'all are doing there on our home page. The more voices, the better - and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what you all have to say this season, as well.

Here's to a great 2014 season, Bills fans.