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ESPN releases two MNF commercials for Bills vs. Patriots game

In a combined 60 seconds of Monday Night Football promotions released Wednesday, ESPN put a heavy emphasis on the New England Patriots, Bills head coach Rex Ryan, and zero of his players.

In five days on ESPN's Monday Night Football, the 5-4 Buffalo Bills will travel to Foxboro to take on the 9-0 New England Patriots. It is a distinctly marketable game featuring two AFC contenders, and ESPN began that process today by releasing two 30-second commercials to promote the game.

The first spot features Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan meeting at midfield and shaking hands, because that's the main selling point for any game featuring the Patriots and a Ryan-coached team.

The second spot talks about how the Patriots are 9-0, and takes a guess at the one man that wants their perfect season to end most of all.

To add it all up, then: 60 seconds split between two commercials features Belichick and a small selection of his star players, and Ryan and zero of his players, unless you want to count Eric Wood and Corey Graham standing in front of him as he walked toward Belichick in the first spot.