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Nine new staff members here at Buffalo Rumblings

Our editorial team grew from five members to 14 overnight. Come say hey to our new team members helping us to provide the best Buffalo Bills discussions out there!

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Today marks the beginning of a new era at Buffalo Rumblings.

Back on January 20, we began a search for a new writer to help us in our daily Buffalo Bills coverage. That was the goal, by the way: to bring on one (1) new writer, to give us a few extra posts per week and make life a little easier for Matt Warren, Dan Lavoie, and myself in our day-to-day.

The response to our post was, in a word, overwhelming. Hundreds of people wrote in to express their interest in helping out. That was a far bigger response than I ever could have dreamed possible, and I sincerely wish that I had the time to personally email everyone back that applied to thank you individually for your interest. The passion of Bills fans will never cease to amaze me, and this was just the latest example of how fervently this fan base follows this team. Y'all are seriously amazing, and I hope to spot many of you posting in our FanPost section.

Our search for one (1) new writer yielded eight (8) new writers and one (1) graphics specialist that is going to help Mr. Warren out with our social media endeavors. The full editorial team can be viewed on our site masthead, but I'd like to spend some time introducing you to our new team of writers this morning.

(First, the boring stuff: I'm still the lead editor and manager here, and Matt and Dan are both editors. Matt will still spearhead our social media and video efforts while contributing occasional articles, and Dan is our NFL Draft editor, so you're going to be seeing a lot from him on that front over the next few months. He'll also write occasional non-draft articles, as well. Also, two incumbent contributors remain with us: Kent Dickerson and Jon Ramsey. You'll continue to see their usual excellent work, as well.)

Joshua Rawdin is that aforementioned graphics specialist. He's going to be working directly with Matt on social media endeavors, and you'll see his work showing up in Web Rumblings, as well. Rachel Gruber also brings some social media experience to the table, and she'll be contributing articles, as well.

Tom Colling and Aaron Gettings will spearhead efforts to bring a little humor to our historically dry blog with a new satire section. They are far funnier than I am, so I hope you enjoy what they bring to the table. Tom's first post is running this morning, and I laughed out loud twice while editing it.

Cory Buck, Jeff Hunter, Anthony Marino, Tom Mitchell, and Kaleigh Murray all bring varying degrees of experience and a large amount of versatility to our writing staff, as well. This group, as a whole, will be able to cover everything from basic Bills-related blog posts that you're used to seeing, to some intensive salary cap, data and historical analysis, to the prospect of living life as a Bills fan when your best friend is a Dolphins fan. I think you're going to like both the breadth and depth of knowledge that they bring to the site.

Again, I can't tell you how awesome it was to see such an enormous interest in helping out at Buffalo Rumblings, and I'm thrilled to death that we were able to add so many quality voices to our posting rotation. Say hey to the newbies in the comments below, and as always, any and all feedback on what we're doing editorially is welcome!