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2015 Buffalo Rumblings poster of the year awards

These 10 Bills fans posted a lot of stuff on Buffalo Rumblings in 2015. Can you top them in 2016?

Another year has come and gone, and while the Buffalo Bills did not thrive in 2015, this little community of Bills fans here at Buffalo Rumblings most certainly did. Many die-hards spent countless hours arguing with each other this year about an 8-8 football team; that's not the easiest thing to do, but some of you did it so proficiently that we have to honor you in some way.

As such, these are our 2015 Buffalo Rumblings Poster of the Year awards. The awards for most FanPosts and comments are awarded purely based on quantity, and nobody posted more frequently in either area than these five people last year. Can you top them in 2016?

FanPosts in 2015

No. Username FanPosts # days per post
1 meadowlake1 56 6.52
2 daveo2324 42 8.69
3 johndemarchijr 38 9.61
4 Ron From NM 35 10.43
5 OntheRise 27 13.52

Our winner, meadowlake1, averaged one published FanPost every (slightly less than a) week. Coming from the guy that has written or edited 11,195 front page posts and counting on this very website, I find anyone volunteering their own free time to write more than a post per week here an impressive endeavor. Well done, meadowlake1. Here is your victory GIF:

Comments in 2015

No. Username Comments # comments per day
1 JonR67 6,948 19.04
2 Ron From NM 3,517 9.64
4 glitch99 2,262 6.20
5 Hornell Fred 2,236 6.13

It's difficult to imagine anyone catching up with JonR67 in 2016, but hey, you can try, right? You may alienate your family and friends and/or lose your day job to make it happen, but if commenting more than Jon is your dream, don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. Jon, however, has earned the crap out of this victory GIF:

Thanks for making Buffalo Rumblings a part of your Bills fandom for another season, fellow traveler. Here's to an even more prosperous - and hopefully far more enjoyable - 2016 season.