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Change is coming soon to Buffalo Rumblings

Soon, there will be a new sheriff in town

Today is not my last day as the Editor-in-Chief of Buffalo Rumblings, but that day is coming very soon.

After over nine years of managing the site that I helped to start way back in April of 2007, when SB Nation was still a fledgling sports blogging network and I was an aimless, 21-year-old college junior with too much free time, I am stepping down from my position here, and moving on in life.

You are, however, stuck with me for a little while longer, as I’ll remain in my post while the powers that be search for my replacement. (If you’re interested in running Buffalo Rumblings, the job posting is already up, and I’d like it very much if a large number of super smart, ultra-qualified, and very awesome people applied. I only want the best for the site, our fantastic editorial staff, and our incredible readership.)

Because I’m not quite done here yet, I will save the explanations, the reminiscing, and the formal goodbyes - and with them the inevitable thank-yous, well-wishes, and probably tears - for a more appropriate time in the near future.

Until then, I plan on forging ahead, business and usual, and kicking as much ass as I can until the end officially arrives. I still have a few things left to say.

Go Bills.