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My Buffalo Rumblings Introduction

Before I appropriately "introduce" myself, a handful of thanks are in order.

I want to extend an enormous thank you to former EIC and site founder Brian Galliford for building Buffalo Rumblings in a late-80s-Bill-Polian-type manner, Matt Warren for being his right-hand man from the get go, anyone else who contributed to the site throughout its history and SB Nation NFL editor Joel Thorman for hiring me.

In my opinion, Buffalo Rumblings has been the premier Bills blog on the internet for a while now, and I'm honored and grateful to have the opportunity to run this site because of its excellent reputation, talented and well-rounded staff, and tens of thousands of loyal readers.

If we haven't crossed digital paths over the past few years, you should know I'm super-passionate about discussing, analyzing and evaluating the Buffalo Bills and believe it's vital to have a deep understanding of the other 31 NFL teams too.

Since 2008, I've been writing (and tweeting...a lot) about the Bills and the rest of the NFL. I've written for Bleacher Report, This Given Sunday, The Comeback, CBS Sports and Fox Sports.

I love creating and tweaking football theories, film study, draft season, learning about the salary cap and realize disagreements are bound (see: will) happen when talking NFL.

I'm beyond excited to get started, interact with all of you and cover these Buffalo Bills.