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Morning Joe!

Mobile tackling dummies in NFL practices

Drones. Virtual reality. Mobile tackling dummies? Football-related technologies continue to be cool

Bills try their hand at adding track speed at WR

Like T.J. Graham (Round 3, 2012) and Marquise Goodwin (Round 3, 2013) before him, Kolby Listenbee (Round 6, 2016) brings a track background to Buffalo's receiving corps

Will Harvin be back with the Bills in 2016?

Back in May, half of voting Buffalo Rumblings readers expected Percy Harvin to last more than a season with the Bills. Has anyone changed their minds on that matter yet?

What would you pay to watch one Bills game on TV?

If the NFL adopts a team-specific Sunday Ticket package for out-of-town Bills fans, how much would you pay to watch one single telecast outside of the Western New York market?

A familiar face behind emerging VR sports tech

NFL teams are starting to look into using virtual reality training for quarterbacks - and a former Bills quarterback is directly involved with one of the two big sports VR competitors in the market.

Over/under: 2.5 former Jets making the 2015 Bills

The Buffalo Bills have now signed five former Jets players - all on offense - this offseason. How many of them will make Rex Ryan's first opening-day roster in Buffalo?

The NFL's best jersey numbers, by position

This list is 100 percent correct and not open for debate - but you're still welcome to suggest honorable mentions for each position group.

McCoy should have clarified criticism of Kelly

LeSean McCoy refused to clarify his remarks on former head coach Chip Kelly and race last week - but it sure would have been nice if he did.

Over or under: 3.5 starts for Manuel in 2015?

What does the future hold for EJ Manuel in 2015? You tell us.

Over or under: 10.5 Bills wins in 2015?

The Buffalo Bills were 9-7 in 2014. They will still field a good defense in 2015, and appear to have made strides in coaching and on offense - on paper. Will they win more games this year?

Over or under: 6.5 TD for Charles Clay

A Buffalo Bills tight end has never scored more than six touchdowns in a season. Neither has new tight end Charles Clay. Can both sides break their streaks in 2015?

Over or under: 1.5 seasons in Buffalo for Harvin?

Percy Harvin has a one-year deal and a solid opportunity awaiting him with the Buffalo Bills in 2015. What are the odds that he'll be with the team even longer than that?

Who are your 2015 NFL Draft man crushes?

Everyone that follows the NFL Draft ends up smitten with at least one prospect. Who are your "man crushes" for the Buffalo Bills in 2015?

Do we waste our time talking about QB?

We spend a lot of time and energy talking about the next Buffalo Bills quarterback. Are we just wasting our time - and, more importantly, glossing over the inevitable?

Are Bills fans ready to handle prime time?

Rex Ryan. Controversial talent. New ownership and more star power. The Bills, and the city of Buffalo, are becoming much more interesting. Are Bills fans ready to handle the bigger spotlight that's coming?

Why the Bills shouldn't target dual-threat QBs

Some fans want the Bills to look into acquiring RGIII or Colin Kaepernick this offseason - but a dual-threat quarterback isn't in the team's best interests.

Bills can still draft the QB they want

So the Bills don't have a first-round pick this year. That shouldn't prevent them from drafting the quarterback that they want this May.

A blessing in disguise?

Might the Bills' season-ending loss to the Raiders on Sunday have actually been a blessing in disguise?

Help me plan my trip to Buffalo

My wife and I are headed up to Buffalo for an anniversary celebration and for this weekend's Bills/Pats game. What should we do, see, and eat?

The bigger problem behind the Manuel benching

There are justifications for the EJ Manuel benching in Buffalo, but in the bigger picture, there is a huge problem behind the move.

The root cause of the NFL's problems

What did you do to help the Bills win?

You're welcome. Also: what did you do to help the Bills upset the Bears?

Let's discuss Marrone's decisions, indecision

Entering his second season with the Bills, Doug Marrone has been under a lot of pressure and scrutiny this summer. These are the reasons why.

A Bills football trip to Pittsburgh

Kent Dickerson journeyed west to watch the Bills play the Steelers in preseason football two weekends ago, with a nightmarish elevator ride with Doug Marrone highlighting the event.

Keeping camp evaluations in perspective

At what point do Bills fans take what they hear about training camp and morph it into their own opinions?

Let's talk NFL uniform sponsorships

The Bills, like most NFL teams, sell ad space on their practice uniforms. If and when that trend extends to their Sunday best, will or should we care as fans?

Where we were right and wrong

We talk on Buffalo Rumblings every day. We've all been right about stuff, and we have all been oh so very wrong, as well. Let's discuss our favorite (and not so favorite) moments in our Bills blogging careers.

When might we see drones at Bills training camp?

The nascent drone industry is the latest trend making the rounds, and they're even starting to be used by professional and college sports teams. When might we see drones at Bills training camp?

If you're not cheating, you're not trying

As the old saying goes, if you're not cheating, you're not trying.

Discussing the O.J. Simpson trial, 20 years later

It was 20 years ago now that Bills great O.J. Simpson stood trial in one of the biggest public spectacles of recent memory. Let's talk about it again.

What signing bonus?

All of a sudden, many NFL rookies are millionaires. Are they crazy for spending wads of cash right away, or merely victims of circumstance?

Opinion: Bills draft recap

Morning Joe! is back with a recap of the Buffalo Bills' efforts in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Which Texas A&M star do you prefer?

Texas A&M has three potential Top 10 picks in this year's draft. Which of the three makes the most sense for the Buffalo Bills?

Keeping the Bills in WNY isn't all that matters

Shouldn't Bills fans be concerned about more than just the team staying in Western New York?

Will the NFL have a recruiting problem?

Youth football participation numbers are down. What does this mean for the NFL's future talent pool?

What is your return on investment?

We pay a lot of money to support the Buffalo Bills. Is the return on investment worth the price paid?


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