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Russ Brandon Buffalo Bills Approval Poll: February 2013

Russ Brandon has been in complete control of the Buffalo Bills organization for a little over a month now. What's he been up to lately, and how are fans feeling about his work?


Russ Brandon was given full control of the Buffalo Bills organization on January 1, when team owner Ralph Wilson gave Brandon his team president title to Brandon, who also retained the title of CEO. Brandon has been a very busy executive in the last two months - starting with a new stadium lease and including a week-long coaching search, just to name the big items - and has continued to make news in the past month.

The big news, of course, was the announcement that the Bills Toronto Series had been extended for another five years. While financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, the Bills will again play one regular season game per season at the Rogers Centre, which they've done since 2008.

The Bills also announced in January that ticket prices would not be changing for season ticket holders, but did raise prices for single-game tickets in the process.

Finally, with the new stadium lease agreed to in December provisioning millions of dollars for Ralph Wilson Stadium renovations, the Bills released a list of forthcoming upgrades, which included concept photos of what's to come. You can check those out within this article.

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