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The Drunken Buffalo Bills Mailbag, 7/14/2019

This week’s theme: July 4th

Sean McDermott injures clapping hand, likely to miss 2019 season

An injury to his dominant clapping hand could sideline head coach Sean McDermott for the 2019 season

Buffalo Bills April Fools’ headlines that totally will never happen: 2019 Edition

It’s back!

Gruden Silences Tank Talk with Signing of Peterman

Report: Pegulas’ Push For New Stadium Spurred By Wobbly Cafeteria Chair

After Allen’s Rough First Start, Clear-Eyed Bills Fans Taking Things One Super Bowl At a Time

Play with the Buffalo Bills Take Generator

Lacking for opinions on this year’s roster? We have suggestions!

Cartoon: what Dennison expects from the Bills offense

Our investigative journalists uncover the secrets behind Rick Dennison’s approach to the game

Channeling Cassel, Bills plan to start Peterman for only one play

Our top investigative journalists were able to get a copy of the starting script on offense for this week’s game

Cartoon: what it takes to make “The Process”

Thanks to some top notch investigative journalism, we now have a better understanding of what it takes to make...THE PROCESS

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McDermott worried offense isn’t a poor enough fit for Tyrod

"We’ve got some work to do."

Sean McDermott enlivens training camp experience by wrestling fans one-on-one

Take it to the mat!

REPORT: Buffalo media to lead Bills GM search

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Report: Bills may field a team in the NFL this year

"It is expected that 7 or 8 of the games would be staged at the grounds formerly known as Ralph Wilson Stadium, near Buffalo."

SATIRE: Jonathan Allen Shoots Up Bills Big Board Due to Injury Concerns

This is a satire article. You should not take the contents of this article seriously.

15 April Fool's Buffalo Bills headlines

If any of these April Fool's pranks actually happened to the Buffalo Bills, it would be pretty crazy.

Pegula restructures, clears $3B in cap space

This post is obviously satire, so please don't believe it, realize your error, and then yell at us

Belicheck Plans to Confuse Bills With Legal Play

In the name of keeping his opponent as off-balance as possible, Bill Belichick plans to do the unthinkable for this Sunday's game in Buffalo: he'll be employing a completely legal game plan.

Whaley adopting "Best Williams Available" strategy

Drafting Williamses is just good science, Bills fans.

15 April Fool's Day Bills headlines that are crazy

If any of these April Fool's pranks actually happened to the Buffalo Bills, it would be pretty crazy.

Bills send scouts to evaluate area turnstiles

In need of a major offensive line renovation, the Buffalo Bills are exploring every avenue possible on the road to improvement.

(Satire) Bills offer Hughes 50 million yen deal

Contract negotiations between the Buffalo Bills and free agent defensive end Jerry Hughes off to a rocky start, per sources.

(Satire) An open letter from Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a Western New York native, explains his stance on the need for a new Buffalo Bills stadium in this open letter to Bills fans.

Rex Ryan's Promises: Buffalo's hottest food trend

Not sweet or savory, Ryan's Promises are a "momentary sensation of warmth and gratification" in flavor.


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