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Bill Belichick devising completely legal game plan for Patriots vs. Bills

In the name of keeping his opponent as off-balance as possible, Bill Belichick plans to do the unthinkable for this Sunday's game in Buffalo: he'll be employing a completely legal game plan.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

FOXBOROUGH, MA - Two days ahead of Sunday’s much-anticipated conference showdown with the Buffalo Bills, rumors have surfaced that New England Patriots head coach and master game-planner Bill Belicheck is planning to employ a completely legal game plan to confuse the Bills.

In trademark fashion, Belicheck refused to discuss details, offering only: "They’re a different team. This is a different year. You always have to bring something different."

Per a source with knowledge of the plan, Belicheck sent a personal memo to all Patriots-employed crowd spies, sideline moles, iPad hackers, signal readers, drone operators, headset manipulators, and ball deflators, directing them to stand down from their usual weekly duties.

Renowned for his ability to keep opponents off-balance, Belicheck intends to side-swipe Buffalo using a unique brand of Patriots football free of hijinks, mischief, or shenanigans of any kind. Sources say Belicheck has slept in the Patriots' facility since Monday, installing a number of exotic schemes employing legal formations, league-approved equipment, and clean blocking, catching, and tackling techniques.

The Bills host the Patriots at 1:00 p.m. ET at Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday.