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Bills owner Terry Pegula restructures contract, clears $3 billion in cap space

This post is obviously satire, so please don't believe it, realize your error, and then yell at us

After a series of minor player contract restructures earlier in the week, Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula has agreed to a contract restructure of his own, saving the team roughly $3,003,750,000 against the league salary cap, a team spokesman announced Wednesday.

The unprecedented transaction is rumored to have been sparked when Pegula received news that former Bills defensive end Mario Williams signed with the rival Miami Dolphins, sources said.

Upon hearing the news, an enraged Pegula reportedly ordered Bills general manager Doug Whaley and Senior VP of Office Administration Jim Overdorf into his office, announcing, "J-Lo and Marc Anthony are down there paying Suh, Tannehill, Wake and Williams, and we’re restructuring our g-dang kicker for an extra $250,000? Well, guess what: now THIS is happening," before pulling out his wallet, revealing a wad of thousand dollar bills, and shuffling them through his figures in a gesture colloquially known as "making it rain," according to onlookers.

Soon thereafter, a red-faced Pegula was witnessed kicking open the doors of his office, letting out a loud "WOOOO" cry, and strutting down the corridor in a fashion similar to former WWE wrestler Rick Flair, sources said.

After the meeting, Whaley met with reporters to voice his approval of the move. "These days, everybody has to do a little creative accounting," Whaley said. "This gives us a little more flexibility with what we’re able to accomplish."

Since announcing Pegula’s restructure on Wednesday, the Bills have scheduled 54 free agent visits, and are also looking into cash-for-player trades involving Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, J.J. Watt, Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald, and Odell Beckham, Jr., among others.