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Gruden Silences Tank Talk with Signing of Peterman

OAKLAND—Prior to Wednesday, it had been widely accepted among both Oakland Raiders fans and the NFL community at-large that first-year head coach Jon Gruden was putting winning aside in 2018 with eyes on a long-term rebuild. Not anymore.

With the signing of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman, Gruden has made good on his early-season proclamation that he and the Raiders “aren’t tanking anything,” shoring up the game’s most important position with a steady, reliable backup.

Skepticism regarding Gruden’s desire to win began with the preseason release of First-Team All-Pro Khalil Mack and intensified with the mid-season trade of Pro Bowl receiver Amari Cooper. However, the addition of Peterman will likely nullify any so-called notions of tanking.

“Here’s a guy whose body of work speaks for itself,” Gruden said. “I said it once and I’ll say it again. We aren’t tanking anything.”

Oakland currently stands in fourth place in the AFC West, holding a 3-11 overall record.