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EJ Manuel benched for Kyle Orton

The Buffalo Bills benched EJ Manuel for Kyle Orton. What happened to the young signal-caller and what happens next?

This week, the Buffalo Bills benched EJ Manuel in favor of Kyle Orton after only 14 NFL starts. Matthew Fairburn,'s Bills beat reporter, joined us on Wednesday night to discuss the situation.

We asked Matthew how Manuel was set up to fail from the moment he was drafted and what may have moved the benching process along faster than other former first round quarterbacks. Was he losing the rest of the offensive playmakers? How were the members of the defense responding? Whose opinion really mattered when the decision came down on Monday?

With the insertion of Kyle Orton, we look at how the Bills offense might change, as well, and get Fairburn's take on the pulse of the locker room from Wednesday's media availability. The offensive line and coordinator Nate Hackett don't get a pass, either. We discuss their role as well as Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley's in the quarterback moves.

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