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Buffalo Bills battle mother nature before the New York Jets

Before the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets, they needed to tackle mother nature first.

Orchard Park, New York is home to the Buffalo Bills and also more than seven feet of snow over the course of this past week. It's made preparations for the team's game against the New York Jets nearly impossible. In this video, we explain the impact, survey some of the pictures, and discuss how the Bills and the NFL dealt with the situation.

The players were cooped up in their houses all week and unable to practice, work out, or install the game plan as usual. Will they get enough time to practice in their new digs in Detroit?

How will the Bills able to mobilize the team? What does Ralph Wilson Stadium look like and why couldn't they hold the game in Orchard Park? What is the atmosphere going to be like in Ford Field and how will we be able to watch the game?

As always, thanks for tuning in. Check out our Bills vs. Jets video preview while you're here.