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Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders, NFL Week 16 video preview

The Buffalo Bills take on the Oakland Raiders in Week 16 to keep their playoff hopes alive. We welcomed Levi Damien from to preview those pesky left coasters.

The Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders will square off Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET in an AFC contest that means very little for the AFC West team and everything to those from the AFC East. The Bills need two wins and some help to make the playoffs, and it starts at Stadium this Sunday. After a brief chat with Brian Galliford, we welcome Levi Damien from Silver and Black Pride, SB Nation's Raiders blog, to give us a preview.

What are the Raiders playing for? What should Bills fans watch for in the game? How are the Raiders going to attack on defense? Is Derek Carr the real deal, and how can the Raiders' attack be shut down? We also ask Damien why he is not dressed in face paint and a spiky set of shoulder pads. I thought all Raiders fans walked around like that all day.

As always, you can tune in live next week to have your voice heard on Buffalo Rumblings Live. Before you do that, watch this week's preview!