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Buffalo Bills 2014 season: video review

Jay Skurski from The Buffalo News joined us to review the ups and downs of the 2014 Buffalo Bills as the team moves into the offseason.

The Buffalo Bills overachieved and disappointed in 2014. While they won more games than most folks were giving them a chance to win, they fell short of the playoffs for a fifteenth consecutive season. We take an overall look at the team's 2014 season with Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News in this brief interview.

Skurski and I discuss what was holding the team back on offense in 2014, as well as the good things the defense did. We looked at each position group to analyze where they succeeded and failed in 2014, and managed it in a tight 15 minutes!

As they head into the 2015 offseason, they will be forced to make major changes at quarterback following the retirement of Kyle Orton, but what other departures are going to alter their look from 2014 to 2015? We answer those questions and more in this week's video.

Look for more great videos this offseason!