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Bills vs. Broncos video preview, 2014 NFL Week 14

Matt Warren is joined by Brian Galliford of and Ian Henson from to discuss Sunday's Bills-Broncos tilt. Lots of insight from both sides of the coin.

The 7-5 Buffalo Bills will pack up their playoff hopes for a trip to the face the 9-3 Denver Broncos this weekend. While we might get to see Peyton Manning and his team on national TV from time to time, we really wanted to dive in to see how the Bills could pull off the upset - so we double-teamed the analysis this week with Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings and Ian Henson from Mile High Report joining us to provide perspective.

We began the conversation with Galliford, who discussed how the Bills might match up against the Broncos to slow down Manning and his offense. What coverages will the team employ, and how will they be able to generate pressure on a guy who gets the ball out so quickly? We also discuss some past games against Manning to see where the Bills were effective.

To get a Broncos-centric approach, we invited Henson from MHR to give us some context, and he came through with players to watch on both sides of the ball - and, almost as importantly, how the Bills can attack a Broncos defense which, like Buffalo, employs some excellent pass rushing talent.

Be sure to watch the whole video, even if you have to do it in two sittings. It's worth the time for the info.