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Sammy Watkins on Bills role, WR speed, draft experience

Sammy Watkins would've rather been practicing with the Bills in late May than talking to SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein about what his rookie season Madden rating should be. Mercifully, he is already a pro's pro. Here's his interview from last month.

Remember back in late May when, as the Buffalo Bills were in the early stages of OTAs, rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins was excused from the activities because of the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles? He was not especially pleased about it at the time.

"I would rather stay here and get the connection with the quarterback," Watkins said on May 28. "I don’t want to fall behind. It’s a long season, so I need to be prepared to be ready for the first game. It’s kind of sad that I have to leave for three or four days, and everybody will have that two or three days ahead of me. So I really have to go down to the rookie premiere and study the plays, and actually get out there running and train a little bit and not get behind too far."

Thankfully, Watkins is already a pro's pro, and took his media obligations seriously when he sat down with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein that weekend. Dan's interview with Watkins is above, in which he discusses how he'll be used in Nathaniel Hackett's offense, adjusting to catching passes from a Florida State quarterback, his super power of choice, and his fear of sharks.