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Rex Ryan's coaching staff looks like the New York Jets'

We talk with Scott Salmon from Gang Green Nation about all the former Jets assistants heading to Buffalo as well as Rex Ryan himself.

Since the Buffalo Bills hired Rex Ryan, lots of Bills fans have shared their opinion on the former New York Jets coach but we haven't asked any Jets fans what they thought until now. In this video, we welcome back Scott Salmon of SB Nation's Jets blog, Gang Green Nation, to discuss Ryan and the assistants he is bringing with him from Jersey.

We start our conversation with Rex in general and mainly focus on the defensive side of the ball with defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar and his assistant Jeff Weeks, Bobby April III at linebackers and Tim McDonald at defensive backs. (The most interesting conversation centers around Weeks so make sure to catch that.)

After discussing the defense, we turn our attention to the offense and quarterbacks coach David Lee, wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal, and tight ends coach Tony Sparano, Jr. We also briefly go over why Danny Crossman was retained instead of Re bringing over his special teams coach.

Why does Salmon (and Rex) think the Bills will have more success with these coaches than the Jets did and how does Doug Whaley play into all of this? He answers along with a brief discussion on what happened to Doug Marrone's Jets chances. Tune in!