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Bills vs. Patriots, NFL Week 1 2015 video preview with

It's Bills vs. Patriots week, y'all. Come get amped up for Week 2 as we talk about the game with Alec Shane from in our weekly video preview.

The Buffalo Bills (1-0) host the New England Patriots (1-0) this weekend for the right to stay in an early lead in the AFC East. With New England coming to town, we'll talk with Alec Shane of SB Nation's Pats Pulpit about Tom Brady and company.

We know what Brady and Bill Belichick can do, so we will ask Shane how Rex Ryan has slowed the Patriots' offense down in the past, and how the Bills' defense might be able to harass the future Hall of Famer under center. We'll also ask him about the new players on the Patriots' offensive line, the changes at running back, and how on Earth they might slow down Rob Gronkowski. (I might have to pump in some crowd noise during that conversation, too, since it seems to be part of the game plan.) We'll also discuss the Bills' offense and how they can attack Belichick's underrated crew on that side of the ball.

Tune in live tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET right here to have your questions answered, or start leaving them in the comments section right now!