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One Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

The Bills close out the season, and Kyle Williams’s career, with a bang

The Buffalo Bills’ 2018 season came to an end on Sunday with a win over a division foe, the Miami Dolphins. It was a wonderful end to the season—Josh Allen had the best game of his rookie year and the defense forced four turnovers. More importantly, it was also a wonderful end to the career of one of the best Bills in recent history, Kyle Williams.

Since sending Kyle Williams off in the right way was more important than the result of the game, the one stat that explains this game is one reception. Late in the fourth quarter, Kyle Williams made an appearance on offense as a fullback. Most people knew the ball was going to Kyle somehow. Announcer Steve Beuerlein predicted the exact route that Williams would run. It even looked like Cameron Wake sniffed it out, but he was no match for Williams, who is known for his ability to get off the line and beat press coverage. Williams easily beat Wake and then Allen found him with room to run. The big meatball rumbled and stumbled his way for nine yards.

His first career reception and a big win over a division rival was just about the perfect way for Kyle Williams to end his career. He’ll go down as one of the best of the drought-era Bills and one of the biggest fan favorites in franchise history.